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Stalemate (Whoever You Are)
Follow this life to it's grave
It still won't be enough
You live for so long, dreaming to be saved
But life already called your bluff
My hell becomes my haven
Heaven becomes a lie
This city becomes a dream
And the only thing that gets
Me through this cold night
I can't sleep through tears
I can't breath out fear
I can't feel what's real
Only sleep begins to heal
Her face hides behind her eyes
His smile becomes a friendly vice
Her eyes hide her soul in depths
Tattoos and skin cover her mind
Life screams to be saved
And nothing makes you feel less brave
The world collapses and you think
"Maybe today, maybe, this time, okay?"
Hell won't forgive you, but it will smile
And sometimes anything friendly helps
A cold city reminds you how empty the ache
A world filled with dry eyes, too numb to cry
To dark to feel, to hard to heal
So you drink, and you smoke away the pain
(Or lack of it)  
And soon, you won't remember why you came
Spit in my eyes and pray for a friend
Once again, a quiet bu
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 3 0
Angel Carrie
I can't see with the blood smeared in my eyes.
Plastered sin all around me, faces I despise
What to do with these voices in my head?
What to do, with this pleasure dripping red?
Cannot breath, cannot think
Cannot move, cannot blink
Mind is empty, love is blank
Transparent beauty, devils to thank
Here is my worship, here is my cross
Here is the sin I gave and I lost
Here is my pain, this is my Christ
Leave me in peace, leave me without light
“Did you really think you'd get away from us?”
“Did you really think this was good to be true?”
“Did you really think we would let you live out in peace?”
“Silly girl, we're here to drink with you!”
Eyes are open, mind is blazing
Fire burning, gone in a yellow haze
Kill them, kill them, kill...kill...kill them all
It is done, it is finished, good, pure,
Sin no more, and pray to live
Suffered no witch, just the lust you had to give
Oh Mama dearest, thanks for the tears
Love cost you this, my s
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 0
My eyes run like water,
Heart beats like thunder
I breath for you
Her smile glows in winter
Her cries taste of cold
Her breath fades
I wish for you to see
The demon is not me
I wish for yours to be
The voice that cradles me
A heart that rips through
To hear you breath
“I love you.”
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 2
Winter Glows Red
Frozen, the world remains warm
Trinkets of golden leaves crumble
The sky's velvet poems drip melodies unheard of
Rain spills over like sad fingers
Dropping the holidays away like a bad dream
Blue, the sky longs for my eyes
An open glare of the future full of hope
Trying and testing, open and inviting
Breathing, but not for me
Inhaling the venom snort of afternoon drug
Picture now this framework
Transcend this melody
The post modern tinsel fairy tale
Look past the soft aftermath and the crisp January
A naked year lays before time
Now at most you would know nothing
Of the red that sinks into my brain
Lines caused by false promises
Dictionary desires strip away youth
Left to rot on the dust, making the same mistakes
For mine is a violent suck
Dripping pliers pull apart the crack
Brainpan squished to see what's inside
Tickling away what makes it squeak
But sleepy does the mind redeem
Wishing for a sunless gleam
To fade away into the ocean of dreams
And spill apart at the crimson seams
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 2
Fire By Night
Some mornings breath fresh, and some stink of ill
Hands feel their way forward, but the mind stays still
Drowned in silence, stepping forward into violence
I cry out nothing and feel everything, stoned, fake my fill
In this void of vast stones, eerie lakes and trickling clocks
Spread rumors inside my head, a symphony to the dead
Locked in laced dreams, emasculated horny lairs scream
Aching with nothing to see, hoping for once I could heal
Endlessness creates in me a wilderness, dropped dreams
Floating in silence, goodbyes they wave to me
Mundane and delicate, these feelings crawl
Floating like dead leaves to the surface, crisp from autumn rain
Waddling through inarticulate fields, numb to grace
Conjured up, inescapable apathy drawn from sad, false vanity
Hell awakens and rage brings fire to keep a spirit fresh
The mind tells no more lies, the truth no longer hides
In this world of give and fake, the mind rages on like a blunt knife
And kills the brilliant false crystal, like God's smit
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 5 3
Demon's Moon, God's Trees
Cold breath starts to choke
A solid heart stops beating
I hear the world and see it's colors
But lost the grace of the feeling
The grace which watches me
Standing on a dark edge
This broken corner of road
Missing the music, the laughs,
Eyes of friends lost, stolen,
Feel the world, make a righteous poem
The stink of foul thoughts drift in me
I lose sight of the dreams that turn the mind
And spill them into self-absorbed empathy
It is a wonder some drown in the burn
The sweet romance of the tang, the taste
Swallowing the feelings in a glass bottle
Swallowing relief, drinking peace
It calls to me
But low, deeper into the stomach murk
A dark rattle of vibration comes
Crunching the sides and praying on the soul
I lose faith and sight, but am still whole
A miracle to drink to
But my hands are empty
So I walk, faded into the cold sweet air
Pressing into the strides of forward woods
Casting light waxed by the moon
Plain flat forest remind, sing,
Watching, waiting, protecting
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 0 0
Tiny legs scream at me
Faces with no voice
A sweating, decayed demon
Crawling across my face in a dream
I squeeze my hand
It flaps it's tasty wings
And spits it's crunched innards
Yellow pus drips from it's broken belly as I scream
Thrashed from sleep, the night lingers
Sweat drips down my horrid face
A bleeding, broken body cracked on the floor
Lost to my simple reaction, reality tastes like a bad dream
I scrape the taste from my mouth, but it sticks
Tiny flapping wings create stomach bricks
Washing away the last ounces of sleep
My whole body quivers in the itch, the ache
The fear relishing in fate
Only reinforcing my hate
Of these dismal creatures
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 0 3
Dollhouse Mind
Who am I? Hard to say
Sometimes they fade away
Slipping through each fade,
crack and stave
Lines in a song never sung
Voices in a mind,
Not mine,
Not even one
Who am I? They tell me so
Make me stay and go
Fading, escaping, relating, shaving
It's all for show.
Sleepy wisps of dreamless kisses
Frail, we walk from room to room
Standing, sitting, smiling, feeling
Spread to spin, stretched too thin
Cracks, doors, faces within
Spending, sending, sealing, feeling
Healing nothing, forgetting everything
Insane with blank stares
Prison, or sanity fair?
So, is this a test of faith?
When the world decides to cave
And buildings fall and die
Will we still feel alive?
Living to die
While trapped in someone else's mind?
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 3
Strangled in Tampa
Stone cold loneliness all around me. Top to toe, side to side, walls of wounded souls crowd mine, I hear them all. Hollowed, helpless to the pleas, staring out the faded glass windows of a foggy bus.  Their minds drift in and out, faded with the day's voice.
Sand scratches, scraping against the soul. The heart beat fades and becomes invisible. Ground becomes sky, and sky covers scraper. The mind numbs itself into sleep, wound around like a snake's hug, choking out the love and life. It leaves only concrete vibrations to sing  only one note.
Specks of hope scurry about, flicking on switches in the soul's empty caverns, nooks, holes, anywhere they cannot find you. Thoughts for a crime. Speaking in riddles so nothing is given away.
Home. A word so vague only the senile can find meaning in it. Hurrying about are the souls, caressing time but never feeling it. Strokes of dreams are picked off one by one, and the itch, the scratching, stuck, sandy, screaming itch that dig
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 0 0
Snow Angel
Please test me
Trap me in the whirlwind
Ache this mind
Make it sin
Feel it and breath in
The wind rushes through you again
Trust no one and let your dreams bleed
Make me think that I am freed
Forever lost in the winter's grace
Sips of death and sips of fate
Steel eyes cast into my heart
Snowy bride turned to glass, captured art
Angel in snow crosses herself
Protected from Satan's blistered mouth
Forgotten are the wings she herself clipped
Fallen from grace are this sweet child's lips
She crisps for air in a cross-minded breath   
Snow drips beneath her dried, frozen neck
Spilling in pools of fragile aches
This iced angel falls into silent escape
Dreams place themselves above her head
Strolling through darkness, her demons are shed
Dancing and kissing and laughing and living
She'd forever stop this heart, for a chance at this dream
So forgiving
Rest her then upon the haze of time's stripping
And let her breath
Until her nightmares drip away
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 0
I spill words like drunken riddles
I spit violent phrases to hurt
I tell lies and hope you find me through them
I stand at the corner of Satan's doorway
But she doesn't even see me
It's a melody that lost it's meaning
It's a spilled drink cast to the floor
It's blood running with fire
Set to blaze this church into hell's cathedral
I can see the violent skies cracking like a black Christmas
But God's jagged jaws grin in my direction
His light and vision crease into my brain
I can't contain the love that blasts through these dark waves
Tears glisten from my eyes, but there is nothing left to cry
It doesn't end with violence
It ends with a kiss
A gentle, fragile, weeping, bleeding, frozen kiss
Stripped of all it's light
Costing only one night
A single fling
A dance to give up this ring
I lay it at her feet and blaze my own identity
Igniting the purging fire and casting the selfish guide into hell's mouth
It's circus
God, what are You?
Hearing cold steel voices whisper
A thousand tiny pins
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 0
Tampa's Breath
I never liked her, but she loved me still. The sunset blazes in a mystical twilight, ripping through the clouds like claws. Red lips daunt the horizon with a bleeding kiss. Streaming from the overhead lights is a synthetic smokey haze, covering the road with a dim blanket of questions.
Where has the day gone?
What happens now?
How long will this night last?
I tread through the smokey evening. Spitting from behind me are the waves of street cars, gasping exhausted whispers and pungent fumes. Rubbing graves across the road, crisp and clean. Smoldering bacon and spiced ham smoke the restaurants around me. Their charred, boiled, and beefed chalky wood chips and crisps my face, my breath, throat and eyes. Glazing through the overhead neon signs, I can see only the mother of my upbringing. The gentle face of the city, the wandering, towering metropolis face looms overhead as I stand in the middle of a crowded highway.
How long has she watched me?
How does she know me?
Does she really care?
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 0
Reefer Sleep
I am floating in soft gelatin. Gleaming, glimmering, shining blue waves all around me. Closed in a time capsule, floating through space. Galactic eternity. Dreams float past my mind like ghosts, (or are they memories?) Wrapped in a shell of cold liquid, I watch them flow.
The crystal face of a dreamy goddess appears. Her lips touch mine. Tingled is the memory, driving pulses through my brain. I remember her clearly. Her personality copied onto the digital waves wired to my mind. Frozen in sparkling dreams of bliss, her translucent figure, slender and sculpted to a perfect shape, slides arms around my face and neck and body and I fall into warmth.
Starlight trickles through the mind waves, a sunless galaxy taped to my mental vision. The dream, the crystal, the capsule of time, frozen in the mind. Sleeping away an endless journey, left with her memory which wraps itself around me like a gleaming blanket, she protects me through the dark.  
"Where do we fly to, my love?"
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 3 0
Love Song for my Country
Burning prices
I'm watching
Not stopping
Shopping just to strip and adore
The city changes the price
I almost didn't know you anymore
Cold and glistening
The detail
It screams out
Shoulders on the crown of the world
It doesn't matter, so they say  
But I can't shift my eyes away
Spring forward and watch  
It doesn't glow
It's only for show
You are the marvelous one
You are the one I could not ignore
Scream tonight if you
Want to know
How it goes
The story changes and you are the one
I always wanted to adore
Etching quietly the details
Of worlds never seen before
I can hear you laugh
And it almost sounds musical
Sketching widely
The motions
The notions
Squealing and escaping the core
Drop the drums, pound the bombs
Sinning like a victory store  
Spitting quietly
The protest of governess
The whore inside my country's heart
She heard the news I was home
And she just had to see me again
But the scars stayed
She shocked me
Forgot me
Stayed at home and waited in
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 0 0
Once upon an empty heart
The lungs and breath came back
And stayed a while and told fair tales
Of what it was like to laugh
Can't escape when solemn they lie
Whispering sweet nothings (or is it nothing sweet?)
Gentle, careless, they float inside
Trapping every feeling in the false light
A throaty glare raises it's head
And casts more shadows on the floor
Rising from the grave, it's dripping head
Ripe with seven hundred years of the decay of the dead
It asks if there is a soul
Or body for his breath
I sigh in the moonlight
Catered to the scents of electronic games and grief
Watching this body envelope it's mind
I whisper "sit."
The body watches as I type
Typing away his words
Listening for his turn to speak
Now he waits to be heard
For over at thousand years he spent
Rotting in the grave
And dreamed of something he could rise to
And make his soul feel saved
But now he waits
As I type his words
With nothing yet to say
He watches as the worlds turns
Slowly to decay
Wishing there was somet
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 1 0
When The Angel Sleeps
Green dots trickle down the enchanted falls
They splash into the darkest creek
Slush and crackle in gurgling lines and poetic gulps
Bringing the sound of rain into my ears
The sun reaches through
Beaming into the dim ground
Faces poke off the reflected shells
Gravel and rock of dried river
Frozen rocks guard the dark water
They rest aside the creak in solid honesty
Placed like soldiers along the line of the river
Portrait of forgiveness aligned in stone
Beyond the path, a house
Cracks placed perfectly in line with age
A door hangs ajar from the rusted frame
I walk inside...
A blank wall surrounded with mud
Creeping things placed under my feet
Window closes the house to the light
But the cracks of sun beam through
Stained is the air, ancient with waste
Foul and forced is the breath if mine
Prying hands crawl into my face
Scolding and choking my mind
I wash my face in the creek outside
Splash the water over my naked mouth
Lost in the tranquil silence of the forest
Suddenly my mind drifts
:iconbloodshotmessiah:BloodshotMessiah 0 2


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Hey friends!

I hope everyone is doing well. I've been without a computer for almost a month, and I finally got it back today. Hence why I have posted nothing new at all!

To begin with, I am now officially the new videographer for the church I've been volunteering at for the last two years. It's an amazing feeling to be able to work with cameras, and get paid real money, for doing stuff I did for free my whole life. I feel extremely honored and blessed to be able to have this job, and if there is anything unemployment has taught me, it's that I will never take any job for granted. Unemployment sucks, not only because of the lack of funds, but the lack of purpose that comes with it. You feel useless, which to me, is the worst feeling anyone can ever have. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I thank God, my family, and all those who kept encouraging me to trust and go for what I wanted. Thank you all. Sincerely.

Other than that, I'm working on reinstalling everything after my hard drive crashed. That one hurt, because there are so many things that I forgot to back up. It's a little dramatic and probably cliche, but you really do never realize how much of yourself you keep on a computer, and how much of our lives revolve around computers and internet and phones and digital media in general. It makes the mind blow. But that's the generation we are moving up into. It's a lot to think about.

So, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. Talk to you soon! And as always, keep the love alive!
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